Sunday, May 25, 2014

3 PCT - 200 miles!!!

Just before reaching the 200 mile mark, I saw another beautiful snake!!

 Just when I thought that I was losing my charm, I came upon this camouflaged beauty. I was able to see this from far away. Good thing! It would have been very easy to step on! 



 Natural Steps
 Profile of an old man with a large nose and protruding chin

 Natural foot and hand holds on many rocks.  I wanted to climb them, but I was 15 miles in of my 21 mile day. Combine that with the desert heat and that I was in Mountain Lion territory, I figured it was best not to play around.

 Is this a fuzzy ant?
 On my way to Ziggy and the Bear down Creosote Trail. Doc and I call our team, team Creosote!

 The Mountain Steps we soon will be climbing! The 4th picture below, is looking back through the train at the terrain between me and Idyllwild.
 It took me 2 days to come off of there.. Awesome!!
 The Oasis under I-10. Some trail magic offering water, soda, trash and sign in

Leaving Ziggy & The Bear

 Doc is flying!!!
 The mountain I came over a few days ago is in the far background. In the valley is a small river where we collected water. It was very sandy so we only filtered the minimum in search of a better source.

 These caterpillars were everywhere on one stretch of our trail. We must have seen 40-50!! I haven't seen them anywhere else
 The night before this, we slept in a wash with decent coverage. We had been following the river for half of our day. The wind and stormy weather had increased. We were pushing 23 miles on difficult terrain and my feet were hurting!! We pressed on, in hopes of finding a better camping spot away from people and with more coverage. When this didn't happen, we made our own. We both agreed that it was one of the many reasons we wanted to take on this journey. It was fun finding our own place to sleep and making it work, when things didn't look so positive. It was cold when we woke so we packed up quick and hiked towards the sun. Doc hiked ahead and found this great place to have brunch.. A hot brunch and a place to do dishes as well. The trail provides...
 Doc rocking out and dancing up the trail

Clouds rolling in
 The first snow capped peak
 The new model for Chips Ahoy!
 Doc and I had a miscommunication and he ended up 4 miles ahead of me. With not much sunlight left, I decided to run the switchbacks to go meet him. Its the fastest I've hiked/run yet! It's nice to know that if I have to, I can go 4 mph with my home on my back. We camped near the "Animal Cages." This is where some celebrity animals live. I only saw this bear in a tiny pen.

Tomorrow we would hike into Big Bear

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