Sunday, May 25, 2014

4 PCT - Mountain Tucson

This sign prompted Doc and I to come up with an addition to the philosophy of Leave No Trace. We both do our best to leave no trace wherever we camp and hike. Additionally, we pick up other trash we see. We call this Negative Trace.

Heart of flowers

 Admired this house. It had a wind and water turbine plus a pond in the back
 The East side of the lake. Doc and I hitched into town from a lady who had lived in Big Bear most of her life. She is a local artist and teaches art at the high school. She said that many years ago, this area was the local dump. They cleaned it up nicely, I think.
Mountain Mama and I bathing in sunlight. We stayed at the Big Bear Hostel. I have stayed at many hostels in my lifetime, this was one of the best!! It was $20 per night and a great place to hang with other hikers. Everyone there was on the PCT. Check out the hostel at

 Doc transferring Ghee into a lighter container. Ghee is clarified butter and great to add to almost any dish. The calorie to ounce ratio is not as good as olive oil. I strive for 100 calories per ounce. Olive oil is around 140; Ghee is less. But, any variety on the trail is much appreciated.

 Doc doing work. He has helped so many people on the trail. It's great to see him work. He's very professional.
 That's a lot of Ramen!!!
 Fallen Warriors Memorial across from the Big Bear Hostel
 When we leave Big Bear, we hike up the mountains in the background of this photo.


 Doc and Girly Girl doing some 2 step at Patty's Bar behind our hostel.
 On this trail, I'm almost always on uneven ground... Almost always on a crest of some sort. When I find meadows like this, I always want to play Frisbee and camp. Unfortunately, I don't have a Frisbee, not yet anyway.

 I'm now on the mountains looking back on the memorial. See the boat dock?

 Doc getting ready for some cowboy camping.

Ghetto Smurf

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