Sunday, August 24, 2014

12 PCT - Leaving Bishop, CA

Packing up all the food for getting back on the trail

Before taking the bus back, we stopped at Chuckie Cheese. Our friend Eliza was baby sitting and we were along for the ride. It was just as creepy as I remember.

Between the 4 of us we won over 600 tickets in an hour. It was awesome!

My plan was to get right back on the trail... But when I got back to the Bishop Hostel it was hard to leave. Some old friends where there and the next day was July 4th. There was free food, ping pong and a hot tub. The trail would have to wait a little

The owner of the Hostel California, Matt in the green shirt on the right. His 2 lovely parents and Uke on the left. This is one of the best Hostels I have stayed at and I look forward to going back. It is an old Victorian Home that had been a B&B before but was rumored house all types of people for the past 100 years.

Finally getting back to the trail. Back through Kearsarge Pass

Rae Lakes

It rained on me a lot for this stretch of the Sierra.. But it was still beautiful!

We stopped near hear to pick Wild Onion. These flowers were everywhere and smelled wonderful!

It took me over 2 hours to find dry fire wood. Our camping neighbors were out on a 4 day adventure and had no rain clothes. They were all in cotton, soaked and wet. They really appreciated
 our fire

I used my ground sheet to cover the wood and keep it dry

My wild onion

This suspension bridge was really cool

I slid part way down this natural granite slide. I got going too fast and almost got swept all the way down. Luckily, my camp shoes are also water shoes and stuck to the slick rock.. I had calculated a 70% success rate if I hadn't been so lucky

Despite almost getting swept away by the gushing water, Dimples still wanted to go on the slide

Today we had to go over Pinchot Pass. It was long, but not too difficult. Definitely extremely pretty

I liked this rock because it looked like a man with a sword being struck by lightening 

Dimples showed signs of altitude sickness. We would spend the next 2 days getting her to lower elevation. But for the time being, we camped here.

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