Saturday, August 30, 2014

14 PCT - Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite

Hiking into Tuolumne Meadows was gorgeous. I hiked 20 miles to get there on my birthday. I met some new thru hikers along the way and even helped an old woman cross a river. Everyday out here feels like your birthday so I felt no need to tell anyone... I enjoyed that. I did pull the birthday card at camp when we needed some dry firewood. It worked and we had a nice fire.

I could smell bacon right off the trail and followed my nose to this place. It is the restaurant at Tuolumne Meadows. A recent storm had flooded the area and wiped out all cell, land line and payphone service. It was probably part of the storm that had got me the night before. It also deleted all of the reservations. It was hectic in here and as much as I wanted hot food, I had no desire to dine here. Luckily we were advised to get our food to go, and found a great picnic bench outside. At dusk they lit a giant bonfire and we were at a prime seating location.

From Tuolumne meadows we headed North into Yosemite. This was the only time that I carried a bear canister and it was heavy (2.7lbs). Yosemite is strict and I was asked to prove I had one. I'm glad I carried it. I heard stories of hikers receiving large fines and being escorted out of the park.

I normally don't take pictures of deer, but I like when they have antlers

I think this one is peeing or something.. Very concentrated

Above is 'Merica and The Saint. They are fast and fun hikers! We were planning on hiking 20-25 miles per day, but only did 9 the first day. We did camp on top of a mountain though!!

This is Glenn Aulin. This Yurt camp is 6 miles from Tuolumne meadows. This was just the start of the amazing beauty to come.

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