Monday, September 22, 2014

18 PCT - Crater Lake to Mckenzie Pass - OR

I believe this is Mount Theilsen. After a 21 miles dry water stretch, we filled up at Theilsen Creek

Late lunch with a beautiful view and great friends as Doc and I pushed 10 more miles for a 28 mile day. Hoping to hit a 30 soon!

This water was 1 mile off trail. It was a great view in the morning, delicious too!!

Walked up on Doc playing His uke at this river bend. A recent dog bite left me with 11 stitches so I couldn't go swimming... It was ice cold anyway. Didn't stop Doc from taking a dip!

This is camp at Shelter Cove. Tested out a new design for optimal space.

 Doc and I had some of our best frisbee sessions here. 

Watched the sunrise off the dock

Not sure what type of beetle this is, but t was really cool!

We went through some amazing forests. Even though fire had been through, it was still stunning!

This is Stormy Lake! 

Golden Time!

This is heading into the Sisters Wilderness. The day started out cloudy and rainy, but the sun eventually poked through!

The PCT permit allows me to camp anywhere!!!! Even in the Obsidian limited entry area; I feel so VIP 

I climbed down to this waterfall just because I could. The sun rewarded me by splashing some light on the falls as I filled up my water bottles. 

The snow capped mountain is MT. Hood. I would be there in a few days!

Surrounded by ancient volcanoes, the lava fields seemed to go on forever. Luckily we had some good cloud coverage for the really exposed areas. 

Set up camp at this lake for the night. That left me with a 4 mile hike to Mckenzie Pass and the eventual hitch into Sisters the next day

We made it to the road at 9am. I was pleasantly surprised to see the pop up trail Angels, Chef and her husband Jerry Can, had set up. Chef whipped up cinnamon maple pancakes and coffee. In the hour we were there only 1 car went by heading in the direction we needed. Just as we started to walk down the road, a large truck offered all 4 of us a ride to sisters

Doc was already in Bend and was planning on meeting him there. Plus I had to get my stitches out! Bend is amazing and definitely a place I could live! The stitches have been out for almost 2 weeks now and I'm healing nicely. 

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