Monday, September 1, 2014

15 PCT - Yosemite

These bones were oddly placed and I had already seen 3 stones on the trail that struck me as odd. Then I saw the resin on the tree in thirds as well. It creeped me out a little, but it was a good fear!

We only did 9 miles out of Tuolumne Meadows, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to camp on top of a rock mountain. I had actually set up camp before climbing up here. The valley was swarming with mosquitos and there were some primo spots up here. So I broke camp and bouldered up the mountain to set up on top. Above you can see The Saint, in red, off in the distance on the rock.

Both the sunset and sunrise were unreal up there.

The Wanderer and I setting up our tarps. He's thru hiking and visiting all the way from Japan!

Below, Dune decided he wanted to sleep on the edge... That's crazy!

Climbing down in the morning off our rock mountain camp

We go caught in a giant hail, thunder and lightening storm this day. So when we finally made it over all the mountains and were safely on level ground, we deserved this hard earned break. I dried my clothes, threw the frisbee and made lunch. As with any place us hikers stop, our bags always explode! Hiker Trash at it's finest! I had the great pleasure of hiking with Dune, 'Merica, The Saint, Rocky IV and Nostradamus for most of this section. I hadn't seen Dune since the Anderson's. He was in my cartoon pictures playing disc golf

After camping on the mountain top the night before, we were on the lookout for another epic site. We climbed atop this giant rock island, but it offered nothing spectacular. We decided to press on. Below would have been our view if we stayed there.

'Merica looking all cartoon like. He passed by exactly when I snapped the picture. He looks superimposed, but its real, I assure you!

I ran into someone going South and he told me today we would be climbing over the mountain in the center below the clouds. Sometimes I like to know what I'm climbing, but it can also psych you out. I'm going to climb anything in my path, so usually I prefer not knowing what's ahead. It was nice, in this instance, because I can show you what I climbed and then where I came from when I got up there.

The tree above is nearly 15 feet in diameter. This was a fun river crossing below

It always amazes me when I see such decadent engineering in the remote wilderness. Those steps are awesome!

Today I was blessed with low wind and thick beautiful clouds. Combine that with a deep blue background and an amazing canvas and taking good pictures is easy!!

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