Sunday, September 7, 2014

19 PCT - Graphic Content! - OR

Many people have asked what type of animal encounters I have had on the trail. Not as many as I thought! I saw a bear run across the trail, 2 Bald Eagles and a night predator that I'm almost sure was a Mountain Lion. I never thought that I would be attacked by a domestic dog.

Doc and I had read about a campsite less than 2 miles off trail that had running water, toilets and an excellent beach. We eventually found our way down to the Water. After our swim/shower, we befriended Chris the owner of the site. He had a great spread... Jet ski, fire pit, kitchen with picnic table and shade. He offered us spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and vegetables. When it was time to set up camp, he led me across his land to a free place to stay. His 3 year old German Shepard, Star, came out of nowhere and clamped down on my upper left calf. I clutched my leg as I watched the blood seep through my pants. As I rolled my pants up, I prayed for a small wound. It wasn't small. Luckily, his wife was a nurse. She had a full medical kit and cleaned me up proper. Doc returned from the bathroom and saw the chaos.. Neither of us could believe what happened. 

Doc and I just before leaving for the Bend Emergency Room (1.5 hours away)

11 stitches and it has healed nicely!  Chris brought me back to camp that night and I slept in the bed of his truck. Doc and I left the next day, North, towards Bend. In a week, I would get my stitches out. The whole experience was unexpected, but not a loss!

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